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1) How will I know if I have been selected for the trial?

You need to sign up for the trial and then we will inform everyone that has been selected by email. Please note that you MUST BE a Talktalk customer.

2) How will the D-Link 3680 Router Trial Trials begin?

The trial will begin when you receive the acceptance email and install the TalkTalk Labs Software.

3) How long will the trial run for?

It is anticipated that the trial will take about 3 weeks to complete this will allow enough time for everyone that is on the trial to set up and use the new router for a decent amount of time.

4) I have a Mac; can I participate in the trial?

Yes, as long as you are running Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7. Older versions of Mac OS are not supported on this trial. (Please note the TalkTalk Labs software does not work currently on Mac OS X or Linux)

5) What if I require support during the trial?

Support for the new routers is only available via Email only during this trial. The email address is We aim to reply to your question, query or suggestion within 1 working day.

6) What charges are involved?

You will still need to pay for you current services from TalkTalk as you normally would. If you successfully complete the trial by providing us with feedback on your experience of using router, and complete the end of trial survey, then you will get to keep the new router that we had sent to you.

7) What do you expect me to do?

The trial is to check the new devices operate as expected. Please feel free to be as basic or as advanced as you like with your testing. Please offer regular and comprehensive feedback on the router, how you feel it has performed and how easy it was to to setup. If you have other networked devices, please connect them and comment about the ease or difficulty in doing so. Did you have to make any changes to the default router configuration to get any of your devices to work with the router?

Additionally, it would be very useful if you could run some speedtests prior to getting the new router, that you can compare against the D-Link DSL-3680.

8) How long will the tasks take to complete?

Everyone does things at different speeds, this process is not a race. The trial is about trying to spot issues maybe we or other trial participants have missed, so a keen eye for detail is important us. The main purpose is to confirm that the new routers work as well or better than your current ADSL modem/router of equivelent type (eg Huawei HG521 or D-Link DSL-2680). Note, if your current provided router is a Huawei HG532 or D-Link DSL-2780, you can expect the trial router to perform at a slightly lower level, especially around wireless throughput speeds between N devices.

9) I have the Fibre Boost. Can I participate?

No, this router is not fibre compliant, and if you have Fibre, you should not apply.

10) I am a current user of TalkTalk TV (Not YouView). Can I take part?

No, the firmware in the new device is not configurable for TalkTalk TV service. Using this router will cause your TV service to stop working.

11) I have multiple computers at home. Does this pose any problems to you?

No, not at all, in fact this is good coverage for us the more computers/device the better. Please feel free to install TalkTalk Labs Desktop on all Windows devices connected to the router. The Labs software will distinguish the results based on Computer Name.

12) What's expected of me as a participant on this trial?

You are expected to connect, configure (if required) and operate the selected router that we have supplied to you. You are required provide feedback to us in the form of: Reporting issues (e.g. "I did not get online, it did not save my settings"), Make suggestions (e.g. "the LED?s were not bright enough, the software on the router is too slow"), Questions?General feedback (e.g. "The router runs hot, I like the colour"). You can do this via our TalkTalk Labs Feedback system. It's really quick and simple to use. You are also welcome to send feedback via the email to At the end of the trial you will also need to complete a quick online survey.

13) What if I want to end my participation in the trial early?

Although we would dearly like you to complete the trial, you are of course able to end your trial participation at any time during the trial. You will be asked for the reason for ending the trial and for any feedback you have up to the point of trial removal. You will also be requested to post the pack, including router to us.

14) What happens when the trial is over?

When the trial is over, and your feedback has been processed, if you have provided us with feedback and completed any surveys we have requested then you will be able to keep the router we have sent you. You will be able to keep using it or disconnect it, and use your previous router. Please understand that Technical Support will not be able to support this router until the router is officialy released.

We may also keep you informed of any updates or news of the trial and we may invite you to participate in future trials.

15) Who can I contact during the trial?

The trial is being managed by the TalkTalk Labs Trials team who will happily respond to your enquiries on within 1 working day. Email for any problems with regards your broadband or telephone connectivity or other technical issues, or any billing issues, you are still required to contact TalkTalk Technical Support (0870 087 8777) or Customer Services (0870 444 1820) to resolve your issues.

16) How do I offer feedback?

There are many methods of sending us your feedback from testing, but the easiest way is to login to My Profile and use the trial feedback form provided (this option is visible to trial participants only). You are also welcome to with any questions, comments or issues you wish to inform us about.

17) Can I keep the new router?

If you successfully complete the trial by providing us with feedback on your experience of using the new router and complete the end of trial survey then you will get to keep the new router that we have sent to you.

18) What is TalkTalk Labs Desktop software?

In order to assess the performance of the devices, you will be required to download, install and run TalkTalk Labs monitoring software, TalkTalk Labs Desktop. Regular reporting from you (automatic process) is essential to completing the trial and the incentive of retaining the use of your router.

The software performs an automated upload and download speed test and ping tests to several different servers at regular intervals. The results of these tests will be visible to you in the My Profile section of the TalkTalk Labs web site.

For more information, and to download and install TTG Labs Desktop, please go to

19) How can I apply to join the trial?

You can apply to join the D-Link DSL-3680 Trial here.

20) Where can I find out more about the trial?

See the trial information page for more details.