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Huawei HG533 Known Issues

    Here is the list of Known Issues with the Huawei HG533. These faults are known to QA and Labs and do not need to be reported.

    1. WLAN is shown as 130/135Mbps reported by Windows and inSSIDer shows single smaller bandwidth indicating operation in 20MHz mode only
    2. Custom UI becomes unresponsive intermittently
    3. Intermittent loss of wireless connectivity has been witnesses in testing
    4. Username field on Connection page of router UI does not support ASCII special characters
    5. Password field on Connection page of router UI does not support ASCII special characters
    6. When a fibre (WAN) line is connected accessing the UI brings up the Connection page
    7. Poor peformance seen with upload file transfers with the Netgear WN111v2 adapter
    8. Multiple download file transfer throughput poor when used with a Realtek RTL8191SE adapter
    9. The error seconds on the custom UI ADSL (sync) Summary page is not working
    10. The USB Samba function will not work on Windows system without changes in the operating system security policy or registry.

    On this previous issue, please refer to the following resources to assist in your using this feature:

           11.On the Fibre connection page, in the bottom paragraph, the word Advance should be Advanced

           12. There is a typo on the Advanced UI>Advanced>USB Port page. The setting Right: should be          Rights:


    On point 10 - SAMBA. Please verify the following workaround and feel free to report back your success:

    Plug in the USB storage device to the HG533 USB port.

    Access to the GUI and create a Samba account.
    1. Access the router UI via a browser with URL
    2. Type in username ‘admin' and password ‘admin'and login.
    3. Click on the Advanced button.
    4. On the warning panel click OK.
    5. On the left hand menu click on Advanced.
    6. Choose USB Port > Samba.
    7. If Samba is not enabled, select the Enable Samba check box.
    8. Click New.
    9. Set the values as below and click Submit.

    Username: TALKTALK (please make sure you are using CAPITAL charaters for the username)
    Password: TALKTALK
    Confirm password: TALKTALK
    Device: usb1_1
    Directory: blank
    Right: readable & writable

    Connect to the Samba Server.

    A. Windows XP/Vista/7 OS
    1) Enter \\\ in the Browser or open the Start->Run command and execute \\\.
    2) Enter the Samba username and password that you have created then click Login.
    3) After the password is verified, you can access samba server.

    B. Apple MAC OS
    1) In the Finder, choose Go > "Connect to Server."
    2) Type the router address in the Server Address field as below:
    3) Follow the onscreen instructions to enter the user name and password, and click Connect.
    You can find more information here:

    C. Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)
    The iOS doesn't have a Application of Samba Client by default, the customer need to install a APP from the APP Store.

    Here we take the free APP named TIOD as an example.
    1) Search TIOD in the APP Store and install.
    2) Open TIOD APP and select "MyPC"
    3) Click "Scan" and it will find HG533's samba server.
    4) Click "HG533" and select the "Registered User"
    5) Input the Samba username and password to login.