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DLink 2780 Instructions

Last updated on 2012-02-08 09:40:35

D-Link DSL-2780

Latest Firmware: v1.13
Previous Firmware: v1.12

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1. Access the router UI via a browser with URL
2. Type in username ‘admin and password ‘admin'.
3. Click on the Advanced button.
4. On the warning panel click OK.
5. On the top menu click on Maintenance.
6. On the left hand menu click on Firmware Update.
7. Click the Browse.... Button.
8. Locate the firmware upgrade file and click Open.
9. Click the Update button.
10. Upgrade will take approx. 2 minutes (DO NOT SWITCH OFF DEVICE)
11. The router will automatically reboot.
12. The UI login page will appear after the router has rebooted.
13. Factory reset pressing the reset button for 10 seconds and releasing.
14. Wait for approx. 1 minute.
15. Access the router UI via a browser with URL
16. Type in username ‘admin' and password ‘admin'.
17. On the Quick Start page enter login credentials.
18. Click the Connect button.