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HG532 Firmware

Last updated on 2010-12-08 13:38:14

TalkTalk HG532 Beta Upgrade Firmware Instructions

Print this page - RECOMMENDED

Please ensure before continuing that you understand this is beta firmware, and accept the risks associated with using this firmware.

Confirm you have carried out the configuration file backup, or have the details you need to be reconnected (DSL username and DSL password) to hand.

Also, that you have access to and tested connectivity with a supported and tested operational router in the event of the upgrade failing.

Please ensure that you upgrade via Ethernet connection only.Wireless connections should not be used to update router firmware.

Huawei HG532

Current firmware: v1.07
Latest firmware: v2.02t


1. Access the router UI via a browser with URL
2. Type in username ‘admin and password ‘admin'
3. Click on the Advanced button
4. On the warning panel click OK
5. On the left hand menu click on Maintenance
6. On the expanded menu click on Device
7. Click on the Firmware Upgrade tab
8. Click the Browse.... Button.
9. Locate the firmware upgrade file and click Open.
10. Click the Software Upgrade button.
11. Upgrade will take approx. 2 minutes (DO NOT SWITCH OFF DEVICE)
12. The router will automatically reset to factory default settings.
13. The UI login page will appear after the router has rebooted.

At this point, either insert your DSL username and password, and hit "Connect" or

Carry out the configuration file restore

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Print this page - RECOMMENDED