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DLink 3780 Router Trial

Last updated on 2012-11-22 12:39:09

TalkTalk Labs are proud to announce the release of the DLink DSL-3780 trial.

This trial is to gain valued feedback from our Plus customers on the operation and performance in the home. We will however be welcoming applications from our Essentials customers.

The trial is open to all (TalkTalk ADSL or Fibre), however it encouraged you apply if you have any of the following routers, as they are of equivalent features:

  • Huawei HG532
  • D-Link DSL-2780
  • Huawei HG533

Other features include:

  • Full N (long guard interval by default so maximum of 270Mbps, short guard interval can be configured to give 300Mbps)
  • UPnP turned on by default
  • Auto wireless channel selection turned on by default
  • DLNA
  • USB port for storage and printing (Pre-configured for enhanced user experience)
  • Dedicated Fibre port for Fibre Optic speeds of 40/2 or 80/20
  • Auto sensing logic to identify which connection method the customer has, ie customers do not need to make the switch manually

A main priority for the trial will be performance comparison testing ie how the router compares against your standard TalkTalk Router. We're especially looking for reports on:

  • DSL Sync Rates (Down and Up)
    • Wired Throughput (Down and Up)
    • Wireless Througput (Down and Up)

We have created a new category on the Feedback form to allow you to send this information to us. A suggested template for this would be:

Down Sync Rate of [TalkTalk Router including Firmware version] = "12345Kbps"

Down Sync rate of [Router under trial] = "12355Kbps"

The [Router under trial] is 10Kbps better than the [TalkTalk Router].

With throughput tests, please make sure there are at least 5 tests run as close to eachother as possible, and then averaged. Template below:

WIRELESS Speedtest Results

Website used - (For example)

[TalkTalk Router including Firmware version]

Download Speed - 12040 Upload Speed - 796
Download Speed - 11525 Upload Speed - 800
Download Speed - 9935 Upload Speed - 799
Download Speed - 12226 Upload Speed - 789
Download Speed - 10288 Upload Speed - 791

Ave (all tests added up and divided by number of tests)
Download Speed - 11202 Upload Speed - 795

[Test Router]

Repeat above for router under test as soon as possible to prevent changed conditions

Summary -

On average speed, the [Test Router] is xxx kbps BETTER/WORSE than the [TalkTalk Router].
Highest speed recorded was xxx kbps by the [ROUTER]
Slowest speed recorded was xxx kbps by the [ROUTER]

Range of router to Testing PC : 5m (required for Wireless Testing only)



For  Frequently Asked Questions about Router Trials, please click here

Trial recruitment has closed, thank you for your interest.